11 Online Jobs from Home – No Investment Needed To Earn Money

start earn money online from home without any investment

We have this rigid mentality of finding 9-5 jobs or setting up on our own business, there is no arm in that but both of these options have some drawbacks attached to them. Job requires a full time availability; there is no flexibility of time. One cannot think of doing any other thing apart from their work. On the other hand Business requires risk taking and investment of money. With both the options having complications, we thought of a mid way that will get you through both the problems.

You do not need to implement fixed amount of time as well as you do not require invest money as well. The solution is “work online from home”. Yeah! You must not have not for it as a fixed income, but it is actually possible.We here tell you some ways in which you get to procure money without going to an office or investing any money. Read the following points to know more:-

  1. Earn money with your smartphones

All of us spend a great deal of time on our mobile phones using whatsapp, facebook , instagram etc, then why not utilize that time in doing things that are productive and help you yield some money.

Many companies give micro tasks to people so that they can earn by sitting at home and clicking a few buttons.

This would not be one of those “send SMS” work.

  1. Online typing Jobs

Many sites provide typing jobs to people. They simply upload the work and people who visit their website can type and submit their work. Online data entry jobs are very common these days.

One does not require working day and night to do such job. The work is very feasible and the supply is never ending.

One requires choosing a reliable and honest company that shall surely provide money after the completion of the job.

  1. Micro Jobs at home Online

The cult of micro jobs is expanding hugely in India. With a skill set in yourself, you can easily on these jobs. Acquiring skills like teaching, graphic designing, programming etc canhelp you do micro jobs online.

This is somewhat related to freelancing but for a shorter period of time, one task at a time.

You can take up projects, complete it and get paid.

  1. Online Blogging Jobs

This is one of the most trending ways on earning money online. Blogging gives a good range of kinds of blog. It could be anything, fashion blogging, food blogging, lifestyle blogging and informative blogging.

If you have flair of writing and know how to compel others to read your content, blogging is just the thing for you.

Good writing skills are mandatory to have because that’s the only medium you present your work.

Promotions are yet another way of earning money online through blogging.

  1. Website Designing – Online Jobs

In the age of digitalization, we all know the importance of internet. If anyone wants to run any kind of enterprise, the requirement of a website is mandatory.

The online presence of any firm is extremely important, using this necessity one must consider this option while thinking of earning money online.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is selling products of different firms. This can be done by associating with any famous firm selling product’s online, be an affiliate marketer and be an affiliate marketer, promote their products and the moment products are sold, you earn commission.

The scope is wide and immense.

  1. Become  a Vlogger

This is yet another kind of blogging but with a visual mode. You do not need to write in a compelling way but perform in an appealing manner so that it visually attracts the audience.

You can make videos on any kind of topic which you think will entertain or inform the audience about something.

There is no investment involved, you just need to make a youtube channel and upload videos on it. You just need to put your time and effort in this

  1. Buying & Selling Domains

This is a good way of generating income online. Buy domains and sell them at a higher price, this is how this it goes. One can buy domains at the minimum price like 100 and sell it for a higher range.

You just need to be careful about a certain things. Don’t pick a brand name and use trademarks of others.

Just a little bit of investment and you are good to go.

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  1. Sell Products Online Jobs

Opening an eshop is in much trend these days. India is becoming a major e-commerce portal. If you have products to sell, you can sell the online, without making a physical effort.

Quality products and good promotion is a key to a good ecommerce business. You can choose Wocommerce or Shopify to sell.

You can also customize your products to add a sense of uniqueness to it.

  1. Give Tuitions

If you are keen for teaching and wish to give tuition without leaving your home. Giving online classes is a good way to earn money online. You can teach via video calling. Internet is a must for this kind of learning.

Finding a tuition job is not really tough job either, itcan help you getting constant income. Before joining a company, you must check its credibility.

Its more beneficial for those who are already into the teaching business, idea shall change their lives.

  1. Sell Photos

If photography is your passion, this is a right thing for you. Earn money along with following your passion. Click pictures, upload them for others to see and buy your photographs. This is a newly emerged business. In the world, dominated by internet, images play a massive role. The better photography skills you have, the more you earn.

These are just few ways; there are more many ways in which you can earn a living by merely sitting in front of the screen and using the skills that you own. We hope that you find all these suggestions worthwhile and they help you increase your income.

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