Episode Choose Your Story Hack-Cheats | Free Gems, Passes [Android-iOS]

Episode Choose Your Story Hack-Cheats Free Gems, Passes [Android-iOS]
Episode Choose Your Story Hack-Cheats Free Gems, Passes [Android-iOS] – Swipefile

Episode Choose Your Story Hack-Cheats | Free Gems, Passes [Android-iOS]

Some simulation game time coming your way! Episode Choose Your Story has been offered on both, iOS as well as android platforms. The game has some sexual content, some violence, some horror and some swear words. You better mind who is playing this game.

There are also in app elements you can buy. Each product is Rs. 15 an item and goes up till Rs. 6800. Episode Choose Your Story has been developed by Episode Interactive. It has done down pretty well with gamers all over the world.

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Episode Choose Your Story Features:

This game gives you all the liberty to customize your characters. You can choose the best looks and outfits for your characters. Hang out with the coolest group that you can find. Date some cool guys and discover the route to romantic locations and lifestyles.

One feature that sets Episode Choose Your Story apart is the reality that is infused within the characters. I mean each one has been so beautifully crafted that it doesn’t let you think even for a minute that you are not a part of the game or you are even playing a game. The 3D animations have been finely used to suit the needs of the app. Overall, if I had to break from the monotony of role playing games or zombie characters, Episode- Choose Your Story would definitely be my pick. Also you will read more about Episode Hack below, if you really want to get free gems and Passes, on your account.

Episode Choose Your Story Game play:

You have to be one of the characters in the story that you create. You have stories at your disposal like Mean Girls, Pretty Little Liars, Demi Lovato, etc.

There are more than 50000 stories that are waiting for you in Episode Choose Your Story. Stories might relate to romantic tales, solving mysteries, rising to fame and like stuff. Also, you have to become your own creator wherein you would write and publish stories, gaining a lot of fan following as you progress.

Episode Choose Your Story cheats:

Use these super cool Episode- Choose Your Story cheats and you shall never falter in the game. Even though the game is low on action and intense drama, you should take a look at this extremely useful Episode Choose Your Story cheats.

Here we go!

  1. Each choice that you make in the game matters a lot. Usually the storyline remains the same but how you get to the final destination changes. There are 3 categories that are going to be affected by your move: love, friendships and fans. You would have to sacrifice one of the three options on behalf of your choices.
  2. Refer this game to other people via social networking sites or use the time lapse cheat so as to get free passes. These free passes usually come once every 4 hours. I am sure you wouldn’t want to wait so much in a virtual game. Use this Episode- Choose Your Story cheat and you will never have to wait.
  3. You have to pass some stages by listening to the rhythm of the music. Use headphones for a better experience. Also, given the amount of swearing or sexual content, I strong suggest that this game be played using earplugs.
  4. Gain a lot of diamonds by whatever daily quest is offered to you. The key to excelling in Episode- Choose Your Story is to use the app regularly. This Episode Choose Your Story cheat goes a long way in making your game a lot easier.

Episode Choose Your Story hack:

  1. The Episode Choose Your Story hack is anti ban and is protected from all potential threats and viruses.
  2. It is available without any cost and you don’t have to download separate hacks for separate devices.
  3. The Episode Choose Your Story hack is compatible with almost all devices.
  4. Enter your username and email, the same details with which you entered in the app.
  5. Type the number of diamonds, gems or other resources that you want.
  6. Generate the link and restart the game.
  7. The Episode Choose Your Story hack might take some time to finish loading so stay calm until the process is complete.

The Episode Choose Your Story hack is a great way to save you from the hassle of playing this game easily. Be it diamonds or free passes, all of this can be obtained using this hack. It is a great tool to ace Episode Choose Your Story. Hope you like it.


The game does pretty well in terms of graphics and other elements available. Also, one good thing about Episode Choose Your Story is that you can own the story and modify it as per your need or wish. There are very few games that give you so much freedom.

I assure you that Episode Choose Your Story hack would not disappoint you. All you have to do is play it a few times.

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