Heroes Of Incredible Tales Hack/Cheats Online [Android/iOS]

Heroes Of Incredible Tales Hack Cheats Online Android iOS
Heroes Of Incredible Tales Hack Cheats Online Android/iOS

Heroes Of Incredible Tales(HIT) Hack And Cheats For Android and iOS

Heroes of Incredible Tales is a big game so it requires around 2GB of free storage. This game is available on the android platform and requires an android version of 4.1 and above. It was released in the year 2015 and was last updates in April 2017. Heroes of Incredible Tales is also available for iOS platform. The game supports in app purchases as well which are as expensive as Rs. 12900. It has been developed and presented by NEXON Co.

Heroes of Incredible Tales is a 3D game in which a player plays another. Please note that this game requires a high end processor in order to ensure a smooth game play.

Read the full article as we have talked about some Heroes of Incredible Tales cheats and hacks too.

Heroes Of Incredible Tales Game play:

The game is about raiding foes and creating allies. It offers tournaments where in either 2 on 2 matches can be played or 3 on 3. Keep down defying enemies as you level up your game. The game is high on its graphics, probably one of the main reasons why it requires so much storage space.


The simple controls and some great tactics make this game pretty engaging. You can opt for aerial attacks or knockdowns with a single click. Combine attacks to increase the damage. Heroes of Incredible Tales also lets you choose your own costume for your character and customize it from time to time. The weapons involved are high end and there are a lot of enhancements available for them. Offering endless adventure and an incredible experience, Heroes of Incredible Tales offers double the fun that its storage space.

In its latest update, the game has fixed some major bugs and improved the equipments. It has also added the ‘weapon awakening system’ in addition to adding a new location called Valt Forest.

Heroes of Incredible Tales (HIT) cheats:

Here’s presenting you some top cheats of Heroes of Incredible Tales HIT that you can avail for free. We had found a lot of stuff on the internet in this regard so we decided to trim down all the information into a valuable and precise article.

Read on for more information.

  1. Each character is equipped to unlock a total of 6 skills. There are 4 characters in Heroes of Incredible Tales HIT. While you can get 2 of them for free, the rest can be bought using your digital wallet. During a battle, your character can accompany only 3 of his powers with him. So you need to make sure you are putting the right character in the battlefield. This Heroes of Incredible Tales cheat aims to make you aware of the basics of the game.
  2. Choose your character carefully. Don’t rush into the game. After all, it is your character that will lead you to victory. For instance, if you choose Hugo, you could avail of powers like Circle of Rage, Desperate Charge, Fierce Strike of Discipline, etc. deice in advance which character would best suit your battle.
  3. There are a lot of up gradations available for your weapons. You can upgrade your equipment up to level 20. These gears will help you strengthen your character and prepare him well for tough battles. Interestingly, Heroes of Incredible Tales also lets you combine 2 weapons. This would obviously result in top notch arms.
  4. Immortal Gear is a little tough to find. In fact, they are very tough! On the contrary, you can get the Common gear easily. This Heroes of Incredible Tales cheat wishes to let you know that the items you get can be easily understood through their titles.
  5. Please note that only 200 pieces of your equipment can be carried to the battle ground. You have the option of choosing your armory separately for both, the Arena and the Adventure mode. Think before you gather your equipments from the shop.

Heroes of Incredible Tales hack – HIT Hack:

Of all the hacks you would find on the internet, this Heroes of Incredible Tales hack HIT Hack is the most useful and authentic. All you have to do is just download the tool to enjoy the game using unlimited rewards.

  1. Access the generator link by entering your essential details such as your email and username.
  2. Enter the amount of gems that you want to procure through the Heroes of Incredible Tales hack.
  3. This hack is anti ban and does not force you to jailbreak your device.
  4. Once you have entered the details, just run the link and restart the game.

Heroes Of Incredible Tales Review:

Heroes of Incredible Tales presents a unique concept in terms of its game play with some awesome controls and characters. It doesn’t need a lot of effort to get used to the game. As a result, gamers begin to score high as early as they start playing.

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