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modern combat 5 blackout hack cheats free resources online

Have you ever wanted to be one of the soldiers in the war and serve for your country? Yes if you cannot do it in reality then you can do it here. Are you ready for all that shoot, grovel,sprint, throw grenades,aim, reload your weapons and many more. Yes Modern combat 5 sagas present another segment of its series titled Modern Combat 5: Blackout. Here you will fight for U.S. armed forces both as a rescuer and a terrorist.  You can master this FPS game with all the devastating weapons in your control and experience all that action and fun through the eyes of a protagonist through our Modern Combat 5: Blackout Hack.

Modern Combat 5 Blackout Hack will let you get unlimited consumables. This Includes Skill points, VIP points, unlimited Diamond dust , you can speed hack, wall hack and can activate God mode .

The hack will let you fight despite of slow internet connection and fixes all the glitches faced by game lovers while playing the game.


Modern Combat 5: Blackout is the fifth installment of the Modern Combat series developed by Wil Lane Bucharest and launched by Gameloft as a first FPS game of the year 20114. Though this game is very similar to CALL OF DUTY: Modern warfare 3, gameplay in Modern Combat 5: Blackout is different from previous Modern Combat series.  It was the first game in the Modern Combat saga to go entirely Free-To-Play on the entire platform except blackberry 10.

Just Stride on to the battlefield and design your own squad, add your friends show your leadership skills in the charismatic multiple clashes against the online rivals across the globe.

Or you prefer to work alone rather than teamwork when your colleagues don’t follow your orders , then in that case step into the breathtaking solo battle where you can shoot your way through one dire situation to save the world in distress and disclose Lunatic’s ominous plans.

One major challenge in the Modern Combat 5: Blackout crusade is that the missions are little shorter than the previous series. It also introduces allies, characters who follow along with the player which will assist during in conflicts. The operation in Modern Combat5: Blackout differs in fashion. The game is basically of a genre First person Shooter but the operations involve controlling turrets on boats, helicopters and even drones.

MODERN COMBAT 5 Game Features

  • Best FPS in market.
  • Awesome gameplay storyline.
  • Outstanding multiplayer game genre.
  • Intensified solo clashes.
  • 8 game modes in which you can pick your class.
  • Unified game progressions.
  • Perform on all platforms ios, android, windows 8, 8.1.
  • Highly keen controls.
  • Arm tactical suits to crack stunning abilities.
  • Create and can upgrade your destructive weapons and arsenals.
  • Unlock higher tier arsenals by mastering lower ones.

So what are you waiting for? Forge your own squad and lock horns in a multiple player arena. 


Modern Combat 5: Blackout requires you to do in-app purchases and buy virtual items like coins and diamond dust which is bought for real money to proceed to the next level. Also there is lot of third party advertisements which interrupts you which is very annoying while shooting and attacking the rivals. After spending lots of pennies in buying Modern Combat 5 blackoutgame, video gamers are not able to play this game as they can’t customize their weapons when they want and forced to buy combat packs at every stage. There will be a lot of glitches and game crash unless you had very high internet connectivity.

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So in order to help you out, our team has developed Modern Combat 5 Blackout Hack to ease your problems to an extent. We will be giving you tips and tricks regarding Modern Combat 5 Blackout and seriously assure youthat if you follow our Modern Combat 5 Blackout Hack tool, you won’t complain and crying over your spent pennies.

Modern Combat 5 Blackout Hack works on all android, ios and other windows devices provided with proxy connections and anti-ban features. This hack is very simple and user friendly. We had developed this hack to ensure you that it doesn’t require root or jailbreak, so it’s quite simple to hack this game for unlimited ammos, skill points, customizing your arsenals when you want and easily enter into GOD mode.


  • Compatible with both android and ios.
  • User friendly.
  • Provision of proxy connection.
  • No need of downloading any software.
  • Supply
  • Unlimited Skill points.
  • Unlimited AMMO.
  • All weapons.
  • Free Unlimited consumables.
  • Unlimited collectibles.
  • Free and Unlimited bundles.
  • Unlimited VIP points.
  • Diamond dust.
  • God Mode.

Ours is the supreme Modern Combat 5 Blackout hack and there is no other Modern Combat 5 blackout cheats available compared to this one.All your search is over as you can get everything you need right here.  These options will be the key to success for this game.

  • Root or Jailbreak not required.


  • Please ensure that you have very high speed internet connectivity.
  • Be very selective and choosy while customizing your weapon.
  • If the system crashes often, try uninstall and re installing it again.
  • Ensure that you have Google map installed in your device in which you are playing the game.
  • Never ever click on the third party advertisements on the page by mistake, because when you are going to do that the audio of the game will freeze from that very moment.
  • When you are playing the game, try keeping all other applications closed to avoid unwanted glitches.


  1. Visit the link provided above.
  2. Input your game username.
  3. Choose How many resources You want to add.
  4. Let the online generator Finish Its Process.
  5. Last Step is to do human verification, Complete that step.
  6. Voila Your Resources will be added to your account instantly.

It’s more than enough now; you can easily play this game and win with our Modern Combat 5 Blackout Hack. We wish you happy & safe hacking and enjoy the game.



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