Tap Titans 2 Hack And Cheats – Free Diamonds and Coins

Tap Titans 2 Hack And Cheats - Free Diamonds and Coins
Tap Titans 2 Hack And Cheats – Free Diamonds and Coins

Tap Titans 2 is a clicker game. It has been made available for both, android as well as iOS. Being a pretty interesting game, it has seen some 50 lakh installations since its creation. Offered by Game Hive Corporation, the game has in app purchases as well which range from Rs. 100 an item to Rs 5000 a product. Please note that Tap Titans 2 requires an android version of 4.0.3 and up.

Read the complete article to know more about Tap Titans 2 hack and cheats.

Game play:

The game is all about the Sword Master who defends the universe from some fierce enemies who are referred to as Titans. There are a lot of ways to level up the strength of the Sword Master in better ways as you progress in the game. The game gives you a great role playing experience wherein, you get a chance to act as a savior.


In Tap Titans, there are around 120 Titans whom you have to face in some of the most challenging battles. You can recruit heroes from time to time and help demolish the realms of the Titans. As you level up, you would find that the game has a lot of unique skills to be unlocked. The main form of currency in the game is cash.

In addition, Tap Titans also lets customize the player’s outlook by changing his looks and powers. Either form one or join an existing clan to beat your opponents. Regular global tournaments help you earn a lot of great rewards. These tournaments can be played against players from around the world where you can prove that you are the best in the game.

Tap Titans 2 cheats:

In this article, we have also talked about some helpful Tap Titans 2 cheats you can use to beat the opponents. Just take a look at all of them because you never know which one might prove beneficial during the course of the game.

  1. Most of the players use the time cheat which means setting the time of your device ahead of the real time so you can collect multiple rewards in the form of gold. However, there is a chance that the game would know that you are using this cheat and it wouldn’t let you avail more gold unless the time lapses as per the real clock. Well, there is no harm in trying this Tap Titans 2 hack.
  2. Since Tap Titans is a tapping game, the more you tap, the better it is for you. For a mobile device, 4-5 fingers should work just fine. However, if you are playing this game on a tab, I think you should use all your fingers since it would help you knocking off your enemies sooner.
  3. If you link the game to Facebook , you are instantaneously given 100 diamonds. Well, it doesn’t matter if you are on any social networking site or not. Just click the link in the Account section of the game and you would be given free goodies right then. This Tap Titans 2 cheat helps you gather additional resources without much of an effort.
  4. Every time you see a duplicate pet in the game, it helps you level up the pet that is already there. It also helps doubling the passive perk of the existing pet. In case you don’t find any such pet, you can always buy it. The pets are, however, pricey. While the first one would let you shell 25 diamonds, the second one costs 50 diamonds and so on.
  5. Complete achievements on a daily basis. By doing this, you get entitled to get a lot of rewards in the form of diamonds. It might sound a little tedious to do so but well, it is absolutely worth it.
  6. Use the Fire Sword skill if you think you tap rapidly on the screen. You see some skills may become worthless over time just like War Cry since all the skills work through the Mana Pool, which is automatically regenerated.

Tap Titans 2 hack:

This Tap Titans 2 hack lets you gain some amazing and unlimited goodies on the go. All you have to is follow these simple steps before you become the champion in the game. Here they go!

  1. Access the link and generate it.
  2. Make sure that you enter the vital details like your username before you use the Tap Titans 2 hack so that you are verified.
  3. Enter the number of diamonds or gold or the amount of cash you are looking for.
  4. Press the Generate option and restart the game.


This game is pretty simple in its approach since there aren’t any complex mechanisms or controls involved. Overall, it does deserve decent appreciation on account of its interface and ease of playing.

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